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At Grant & Eisenhofer P.A., our law firm is focused on helping those with special needs or physical and cognitive disabilities seek the compensation they deserve. Our sexual assault lawyers represent children, the elderly, and families across the United States. Call (844) 394-3624 to discuss your potential claim. We offer free consultations.

Bus Driver to Serve 20 Years in Prison after Sexually Assaulting 5-Year Old with Special Needs

Earlier this year, a former school bus driver was sentenced to 20 years in prison—the maximum sentence possible—after pleading guilty to inappropriately touching a special needs student. The victim, a 5-year old from Austin, TX, was sexually assaulted multiple times by the bus driver during the spring of 2018. The parents of the victim noticed their Read More

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Sentencing for Former Teacher’s Aid Accused of Assaulting Special Needs Girl

After a former 61-year old teacher’s aide pleaded guilty to inappropriately touching a young special education student, he was sentenced to probation. The aide allegedly repeatedly committed these crimes from 2015 to 2017, when the victim was just 11 years old. The victim’s parents became suspicious of the abuse when their daughter, who had previously enjoyed Read More

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Former NH Mayor Faces Criminal Sexual Assault Charges

Former mayor of Claremont, NH and special education aide, George Caccavaro, faces criminal charges tied to sexual assault. He is accused of assaulting a non-verbal student in February 2019. Caccavaro was an aide to students with disabilities at Stevens High School. Once a week, Caccavaro would transport two special needs students to partake in volunteer opportunities Read More

Texas Lawsuit Claims Disabled Student Sexually Assaulted on Bus

A Texas mother has filed a lawsuit on behalf of her son, a second-grader with special needs, alleging he was sexually assaulted. The lawsuit claims the assault occurred on the school bus, and accuses the school district of failing to protect the boy. The suit claims that an older student forced the second-grader to perform sexual Read More

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Man Arrested Amid Claims of Sexual Assault on Special Needs Employees

According to an investigation by the Fairfax County, VA Police, the former manager of a bakery in Chantilly, VA was arrested for sexually abusing two special needs employees. The abuse victims reported the alleged incident to their parents, prompting police to investigate. The other employee did the same, and police investigated further. Unfortunately, this kind of Read More

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Child Sexual Assault Resources for Parents

Sexual predators may lurk anywhere—at your child’s school, karate class, violin lesson, day camp, or behind a computer screen online. If your child has a developmental or intellectual disability, it may be even harder to protect him or her from the dangers that sexual perpetrators pose. Nashville, TN news channel WKRN shares some resources to help Read More